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Digital Transformation focuses on mobile experiences in a hyper connected society.

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  • App Factory

    The european technology leader in native apps for companies is now available to our partners, who want to have their own digital business.
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  • Software Lab

    Laboratory at the service of projects of a high innovation component for leading companies that are committed to digital mobile transformation.
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  • Startups

    More than 10 years of experience in startups acceleration, marketing and digital strategies add value to our expert team in web and apps development.
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We democratize the development of native apps and responsive webs with a white label generator, which includes an online portal, preloaded models and a specialized control panel.

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The most complete mobile CMS for our native apps and responsive webs with hundreds of customization options, real-time statistics and a advanced push platform.

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Native Technology

More than 160 features of 100% native marketing, loyalty, communication and content.

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About us

Bluumi is a successful startup, leader in native applications in Europe for years thanks to our own software, Xgen App Factory, and our content manager, Meethodo, which allows companies to create their own applications without a single line of code.

With a differential and evolving business model, we have achieved several funding stages to reach this key moment, in which we face a unique project with guarantees to continue leading the mobile transformation.