Mobile Applications

1What is a native app?
It is an app that has been programmed in the specific mobile programming language in which it is installed, providing a better experience in usability and performance, as it takes full advantage of the hardware of the device.
2How many smartphone operating systems are there?
There are many operating systems, but globally 97% of mobiles use three of them, in order of use: Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows Phone, the latter with very few users.
3How and where can I download my app?
Your app will be available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and in Google Play for Android. Just look for the name of the app or use QR code with the direct download link.
4What advantages does an app offer compared to a web?
They are two different channels that complement each other, particularly the apps offer some advantages: • It allows the owner to communicate with one’s clients in real time, sharing news, promotions, etc. • The apps use the hardware of the mobile: GPS, browser, gyroscope, accelerometer, cameras, loudspeakers, etc., tools that are not available on a website. • Currently 70% of Internet connections are through a mobile device, it is preferable to have an app that allows the user to download and have our brand in their mobile phone.
5What are the features of our native apps?
The apps developed with the technology of App4All have a CMS that allows you to update your app and the responsive web that is generated at the same time, without having to publish or update the application again in the markets. In addition our apps have more than 150 options of 100% native customization, described in more detail in the App Factory section.
6What are the push notifications?
They are a development option that allows you to communicate in real time with or between users of an application. For example, when a WhatsApp message is sent, the receiving user immediately receives a visual and audible alert. With a push notification you can send text, images, files, web links and basically everything that a mobile device can interpret.
7How many files can I send in a push notification?
Apps can send up to 15 images and a Youtube video per notification, however, this can be modified to send whatever the client wants. You can attach different files, nevertheless, the body of the notification can also include all the links to files you want. The most convenient is to include links to platforms such as Dropbox, where you can share your documents with no space limit.
8How do I add content to the application?
The control panel App4All CMS is available for you, which is very easy to use, to create push notifications. You will also have access to usage statistics, customer database, location settings, etc.
9What is a category within my application?
An app offers, among other things, information to users; Categories are how to keep that information organized in the menu of the app. For example, if I want to talk about different topics, such as Sports, Football, Health, etc., I would have to have those categories or sections in my app so that users find the information easily.
10What is a feature?
Each category of the menu can contain a feature, for example you can offer a gallery of images, location map, RSS, etc.
11What is the difference between static and dynamic content in the app?
The static content is not editable, unless the app is updated in the markets because it is downloaded there. The dynamic content is one that you can modify in your app without any need of updates, for example, the push notifications that are sent in the app.
12Which statistics do I obtain?
You have available information about the number of users who have received the push, the type of mobile they have, their geographical location, the most accessed part of the app, etc.
13What is the difference between my web store and the native mobile e-commerce?
Native e-commerce offers users a product accessibility, usability and speed in the application that a web page accessed through a mobile device cannot offer.
14What is geomarketing?
It is a feature that allows you to send notifications to the users of your app that enter a specific zone defined previously by you. This tool is very useful for offering products to customers when they pass near your business, or even the area of your competition.
15What information can be seen in the store map?
In each point of the map you can show address, phone, email and the web page. There is no location limit on the map, however, there are products that are limited to 10 locations.
16Can I segment messages and notifications?
Notifications allow you to send information or promotions to groups of users that you can create through the control panel very easily. In addition, individual messages are very useful to notify a specific customer about contracted services, special promotions to clients, congratulate them on specified dates, etc.
17How do I create the draws?
Draws are only done among registered users. Their operation is simple: in the control panel there is a section "Draws", where you can indicate the number of winners, the prize and the message that will be sent. The winner will be chosen randomly using an algorithm and a message will be sent to all participants informing them about the result.
18How can I use building loyalty with points?
It allows advertising your business in your users’ social networks. Every time someone registers, responds to polls and shares a notification on their Facebook or Twitter profile via the buttons shown in the app, they receive points, which can be redeemed for gifts that you define in the control panel.
19How can notifications be shared?
Each notification has buttons for sharing on any social network or messaging application that the user has installed on the mobile device. However, only points that are shared by Facebook or Twitter are the ones that can be confirmed.
20How does the chat work?
Users can communicate with the administrator or owner of the application through instant messaging chat as in WhatsApp. The administrator can send and receive the messages in the same app, when accessing with one’s App4All CMS user data.
21How can a customer interested in a message or promotion contact me?
Each notification has a "call" button that lets the customer to contact the application administrator's phone in an instant.
22What is a RSS feed?
It is a news system that includes a text and an image. It is used to disseminate information to users who have subscribed to the content source. Apps can display the content of an RSS feed in any category as if these were push notifications.
23What for is the category with password?
It allows to limit the access to a specific category or subcategory. To access the content, the user will need a password that you will provide.
24What is audio and video streaming?
It allows to broadcast multimedia content in a way that the user visualizes the video or hears the sound at the same time while downloading. This is very practical for applications related to leisure and communication. In order to integrate streaming, the owner of the application must have the consent of the sender of the streaming, otherwise Google and Apple will not allow the publication of the app.
25Can I monetize my app with a banner?
It's very simple, you can include in your app advertising for as many people or businesses as you want. You will be able to sell that advertising space at the price that you consider appropriate, considering that the greater number of users you have, you will get more clicks on those ads.

App/Web Factory

1What is the function of the app and web factory?
The factory allows companies to create their own mobile application and responsive web through the Generator website. This application, after a review process, will be published in the application markets.
2What are the steps for creating an app in the factory?
1. Register and verify your email. 2. Choose the model of application that is the most suitable for you. 3. Customize the application and choose the payment method. 4. The platform will publish the application in the application markets.
3What kind of apps and webs can be purchased?
You can choose from hundreds of models or request a specific model for a sector, activity or business. If you want a custom project, please contact us directly.
4Is it possible to add more features to the apps?
In custom apps it is possible to add up to 4 additional feature modules that can be added to the basic package as well as multi language modules.
5Which initial modules can I obtain?
Premium Module: allows you to add categories, subcategories, photo galleries, YouTube Channels, RSS and unlimited web views. Marketing Module: includes specific features for the promotion of events and businesses. Loyalty module: includes specific features for customer loyalty. MCommerce module: includes a system that allows marketing of products through the application.
6What kind of responsive web accompany the apps?
In addition to an app, you can purchase a responsive website, where your contact information is displayed, as well as the information provided through push messaging. There are 2 advanced responsive web modules: Premium module: add features like gallery, surveys, calendar, etc. ECommerce module: allows the marketing of products through the web.
7Where are the websites hosted?
Our company offers you hosting information. You only have to contract a domain and redirect the same to the URL that we provide you.
8For which mobile platforms is my application developed?
All applications are compatible with Android and Apple platforms and are 100% native, developed in Objective C and Java for iOS and Android respectively.
9What guarantee is provided for the correct operation of the applications?
The applications are subjected to hard pentesting tests to guarantee their correct operation, in addition, to be published, they have to pass an internal validation of Apple and Google. However, there are thousands of models of mobile devices and there are applications that require, for example, a minimum memory, so it is impossible to guarantee the correct operation in 100% of the devices.
10If the platforms change operating system how will be my application affected?
New versions of operating systems do not constitute an immediate obligation to update applications, however, such situation may occur. In that case, it may request the update in the conditions that are established at that moment.
11Who publishes the applications in the markets?
The applications are published with the developer accounts of iOS and Android of the factory with its own label (white label) or in the default App4All account. The application will be published as long as the platforms confirm that the content of the application is appropriate and complies with its regulations. In case of rejection, the reason will be notified and, if you wish to solve it, you will have to pay an amount, which may vary depending on the moment and the reason for the occurrence of such incident.
12How long does it take for an application to be published?
Currently, Google Play confirms the app in less than 24 hours. Apple performs a more thorough review of the application and the average publishing time is 2 weeks. However, these times may change as these are only general estimates.
13What permanence do the clients have?
The sale is prepaid, so the permanence is the same as the period of time for which the license was paid for.
14Is there a possibility that the application will not be published?
Each platform has its own policy at the time of publishing, in addition to being reviewed by people, there are applications that are rejected for no apparent reason and then, in a second attempt, are accepted.
15How do I pay for the applications?
The generator chooses the final price to its customers and the form of payment. In the case of payment by credit card, the charge is concurrent. And after the selected time period has passed, the charge on the card will be reissued unless otherwise indicated by you.
16Can I customize my app?
You have 30 days of free trial to customize your app before purchasing; Then you can edit the content of your saved app, like the application name, the contact email and the application icon.
17Can I have multiple applications?
Yes, but you must configure each one of them with different user email.
18Will there be more features in the future?
Yes, from time to time we publish new models of applications or features, which may include the ones according to your needs.
19Can the service be reactivated once the app has expired?
Yes, as long as you pay the corresponding monthly payment.
20Can I get new feature in the app after it has been published?
Yes, they will be displayed in the application and the management panel after being acquired.

App Generator

1What is the function of the Generator?
To offer a mobile application factory to different companies and business channels - to generate business through the publication of a large number of native apps and responsive webs.
2Who can have an application factory?
Any company that wants to develop its own offer of applications and that shows the ability to offer a suitable service to the customers that purchase the product.
3What are the steps to create the factory in the generator?
1. Register on the web. 2. We will contact you to formalize the development of the factory. 3. If you want to publish applications with your own brand, you must get developer accounts for Apple and Android. Otherwise, you can do so with our developer account.
4What is given to the companies that buy the factory?
They are given access to a control panel to manage it and a URL so that they can redirect their domain to the web we develop to sell the applications.
5What kind of app factories can be offered on the generator?
Clients can choose between factories with hundreds of application models or request specific models of a sector, activity or business.
6Who sets the retail price of the applications?
The final sales price is the sole and exclusive competence of the generator, according to its own marketing.
7Who publishes the applications in the markets?
We advise that for greater independence of the factory to have developer accounts for iOS and Android with which the factory is able to publish the applications. If you do not have such accounts, you can publish them with our brand. This implies an additional cost for each of the applications reviewed in order not to be rejected by the distribution platforms.
8Do I need technical skills to have the app on the App Store and Google Play?
Maintenance in the markets is automated in our system, you just need to make the payment. At that time, in the control panel of your factory, the application will appear as "pending" and will be ready for pressing the publish button on Google Play (Android). When the application has appropriate content in each and every category, you must click the publish button on the App Store (iOS), which rejects any application without content or test content. Before publishing the application, it is the developer's obligation to check if the Application complies with the iOS and Android Developer Program Policies, in order to avoid possible rejections and additional costs to customers.
9What solution do we offer the client if the application is not published?
If the client has made the necessary modifications, one may request a new publication attempt, at a fixed price by that figure that owns the developer account.
10How do I control the activity of my applications?
On our website there is access to the control panel, where you can see statistics and reports, manage the publication of applications and indicate the prices of different products.
11Who is in charge of the customer care for the end customers in case of doubt about the use of the app?
The generator is responsible for maintaining the business relationship with the end customer, as well as providing the necessary support for the correct use and configuration of the system.
12Where can I view statistics and communicate with my clients?
Through the generator management panel there is a specific section for these needs.
13How many applications can be uploaded on a daily basis?
It is possible to publish 200 more applications per day, although if necessary this amount can be increased.
14What forms of payment exist for the end customer?
There are 2 options: Payment by credit card: our company enables on the web a payment gateway for the final customer to purchase the product. The benefit of the sale of applications will be paid on the 5th of each month. Without payment gateway: the client will have to pay you directly on the 5th of each month, and we will bill you the proportional part of the services contracted. There is a management fee for the use of the payment gateway of 0.15 euro cents per purchase and 1.75% of the invoiced price.
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