The digital challenge of Banking

One of the main missions of a bank is to facilitate the commercial transactions of its clients, offer them financial aid to boost their businesses, guard their savings and accelerate their presence in the new digital environment where they occur.

New technologies, today become an opportunity but also a threat. Our solution allows you to deliver results in this new digital environment with your customers and position yourself with respect to the competition.

How can our platform help you and make you into a FINTECH solution?

With our solution you can offer to all your customers to digitize their business, offering them an online store both in App and also on Web that acts as a payment gateway of your entity, becoming the extension of your current POS.

Our solution will allow you to integrate your wallet into thousands of applications and web pages of your customers, facilitate the use of tools such as sending money to a mobile phone, payments of receipts, etc.

End2End Service

App4All offers to develop a service from start to finish, customer service, solution configuration, product customer support, innovation enhancements, sales force training.

We also have important custom solutions for large accounts and public institutions. For this model of solutions we have a team of experts with more than 6 years in UX / CX, mobile development and desing thinking experience.

Benefits for Banks